Privacy Policy


10.1 The site accepts not to publicize any information or data of its CLIENTS, except when it is forced to do it in the following cases: (I) to comply with any Court order or comply with any order issued by an appropriate regulatory body; (II) to comply with a provision contained in Brazilian Law, present or future; (III) to meet the terms of the service, pursuant to the present instrument; (IV) to respond to complaints that some of the contents may breach the rights of others.

10.2 With no loss of the foregoing and with the objective of measuring statistical data on the ScrumHalf site for advertising and/or market purposes the site reserves itself the right to monitor and evaluate site access as made by the CLIENT including, but without limiting itself to, aspects such as: determining the source of accesses, most visited areas, daily page view average, daily visit average of the CLIENT, mean duration of visits by CLIENTS, amongst others.

10.3 The user may request at any moment the exclusion of its contact data from the database at the site by using a specific function, found on the User Profile page or via email to

10.4 CLIENT data is information provided that identifies one personally, with elements such as email address or payment information or still, other data items that may allow their connection to such information by the site. This data is used to identify the CLIENT in ScrumHalf, for invoicing purposes as described in item 10.5 and for communication such as described in item 10.8, though limited to it, and between the site and the CLIENT. The user who wants to be removed from the register should proceed as set in item 10.3.

10.5 The CLIENTS that chooses to purchase the plans offered by the site will have the client data as specified in item 10.4 sent via secure means to the payment gateway, a company specialized and responsible for the invoicing of the plans. The payment gateway will be chosen by the CLIENT upon registration.

10.6 The site provides an integration with Twitter. Through this functionality ScrumHalf releases updates for the project linked to Twitter account informed in registration. For that the ScrumHalf will relay the data through a secure channel to the Twitter account informed at the time of registration with the update made. From this point on the privacy policy in force at the shall prevail. The user may deactivate this functionality at any time at the site.

10.7 The site sends from its servers cookies to the computer or to any other device used for access. We use cookies to streamline the quality of our service and to store user preferences.

10.8 This Privacy Policy may be altered at any time and the changes will be included in this page. Any alteration that may significantly reduce one’s rights will be advised in some manner (via email, for example). Following this communication one’s use of the ScrumHalf implies one’s acceptance of this alteration and no other procedure is necessary. Any queries should be directed at