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Sticky Notes falling from the board?

ScrumHalf’s Virtual Taskboard (Web), or Kanban Board, facilitates collaboration and care of the teamwork. It also allows the team to work in a distributed simple way.

Do not get stuck to the wall of your room, lose no Sticky Notes and never more forget important tasks!

Managing demands via Excel™?

Sequence the demands in your project with no cutting and pasting and without calculating and risking error in your priorities.

The Product Backlog in ScrumHalf is entirely drag-and-drop. You do not even have to open the items to read their descriptions, as they automatically pop up as your mouse hovers over the text.

Ease the management of your requirements!


Wasting time to assemble charts and reports?

Metrics are always important, despite the development process.

Using ScrumHalf you can automatically monitor them in graphic form and in simple reports ready for you to use!

Flawed collaboration? Problems with the evolution of ideas?

ScrumHalf facilitates team collaboration. The News Feed allows everyone in the team to know what everyone else is working on. And the team is also able to chat.

Working on requirements has also become much simpler. Important documents, images and other files can be attached effortlessly with Dropbox. All you need is a Dropbox account!


Is being out of the office always a problem? Need to catch up with the news without opening the tool?

You can use Twitter to find out about the main actions carried out in your ScrumHalf projects, instead of consulting the tool all the time. The main events get automatically twitted by your project. And only your team can see them!

No support in Scrum?

When you choose ScrumHalf you can also rely on a support infrastructure to help you as you need. You can check our blog, our YouTube channel and count on the expertise of the ScrumHalf Team. You can have your queries answered by our online support, via chat in ScrumHalf, or via email.

Team ScrumHalf is always ready to help you simplify your life!

zePlanning (1)

No idea on how to push further in Planning? Need agility on the other levels?

Use the new Release Planning feature available on ScrumHalf.

We developed a simple and agile way to plan releases and there is also a Gantt chart for you to track the progress of your releases.

Soon we will as well have Portfolio Management features on ScrumHalf. Check our subscription plans. There is an option for each agile planning need!


“Nothing promotes a health debate like asking people to put a number on something, which will immediately surface any desagreements and force assumptions to be exposed” (Kenneth S. Rubin – Essential Scrum)
ScrumHalf Customers
Gesto Saúde e Tecnologia
Look what they are saying about ScrumHalf!
– “ScrumHalf brought pleasure to my project management work”.

Daniel Pereira

Luz Consultants

– “ScrumHalf is important to conciliate conflicting aspects in creative software projects: agility and collaboration.”

Claudio D´Ipolitto

Business Games Lab Manager

– “The time frame of the ScrumHalf actions leveraged the implementation of the Scrum methodology”

Diego Zerpini

Business Games Lab at the Incubator


“Committed means that during both good times and bad, each team members is dedicated to meeting team’s collective goals” (Kenneth S. Rubin – Essential Scrum)
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Agile Project
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1 Project
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Drag-and-drop Kanban Board.
Dropbox Integration.
Chat among participants.
Releases Planning.
Portfolios Management.
Agile Business
US$ 5.00
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Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Users
Drag-and-drop Kanban Board.
Dropbox Integration.
Chat among participants.
Releases Planning.
Portfolios Management.
Full Agile
per user/month
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Users
Drag-and-drop Kanban Board.
Dropbox Integration.
Chat among participants.
Releases Planning.
Portfolios Management.
*At the end of the trial period the user may subscript to a plan or close the account.
**All prices displayed are based on annual subscription.


“Scrum: A framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.” (Jeff Sutherland & Ken SchwaberScrum Guide)
Most Popular Questions

How do I get to start using ScrumHalf?
It is simple! Just sign up and you are on. After your trial period you will have the chance to pick a plan or opt out. ScrumHalf does not require any kind of installation and is available from any place with an Internet connection, following the confirmation of your registration.


Can I use ScrumHalf without knowing Scrum?
No problem! Our Team is at hand to support you in this work process transition. Apart from the support via chat, you can also rely on the resources we provide at our Team ScrumHalf site.


Do I have to be a company to use ScrumHalf?
No, ScrumHalf has plans to fit the profile of any user. You just have to size your need and find out which plan best fits your projects. If you have any special requirement, please contact us. We will be glad to assist you. Contact us.


How do I start the Trial period?
Just register in the tool and you are on! No financial or credit card data is required. You can also opt out of your trial at any time, at no cost.